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If there’s one thing I learned during the years I spent in our 49th state, it was how to prepare for winter.

This week the sun is noticeably late for its appointed rounds, namely getting me out of bed. Even Olive, my backup alarm clock, is oversleeping. Needless to say I haven’t been getting up at 5am and going on an hour run through Bluegrass.

On the long ride home at the end of the day, the warming orb is nestled at that place on the horizon that makes your lids fall so you can soak up it’s final rays. By the time I pull up in front of the house, the thick air is cooling and completely fails to inspire me to participate in anything other than stuffing my face and going to sleep.

So, I begin to put on my winter weight, catch up on sleep, focus on the new fall line-up and what kind of puttering I can do indoors. This is also known as open spending season.

Lather and repeat.

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