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Monday, September 22

This weekend we celebrated Amy’s impending nuptials with a night on the town. Given that I wasn’t anxious to endure The Wrath of Amy, we kept it mellow and relatively conservative.

Pictures from our night out:
~ Emily, Amy and I at Cherry before din-din
~ Chad and Amy after a drink, before eating
~ Me, Chad, Amy and Emily before…why do I look so “hefty”?
~ Princess Amy. She resisted at first, but I think she likes the tiara
~ The Table…me with the blacked out face
~ After dinner, a little blurry but Emilys expression is priceless
~ Leopard Lounge…we’re up to no good. Front to back: Misty, me, Amy, Bunny, Emily and Lauri.
~ As Chad so eloquently stated…Amy shows us she can “blow”. Wait, what’s that around her neck? And in her drink!? MERCY!

Thanks to Chad for not only being a Superstar, but for also bringing a digital camera to document the events. :) Note that we were unable to document Loca Luna, Backstreet and the Disco Diner (4am, HELLO!). Oh, you can only imagine…

Changing the topic…

What did I think of the Emmys? I don’t really get excited about them, they’re more informational than they are entertaining. Jon Stewart was funny and clever. Wanda Sykes dress was bunching up and I wanted to call an Emmy’s 911 number to get someone to fix it for her. I’m always amazed at how badly the men’s pants fit. I fell asleep shortly after Grace…whatever her real name is… did her annoying giggle acceptance speech. Not-so-much genuine with the laughing.

Shit I love TV. Have I mentioned that? Of course the only new episode of anything worth watching on tonight is Everwood (on The WB). If you haven’t watched it yet, you should. It’s strange, NBC used to my constant favorite. From The Cosby Show to Cheers to Friends and plenty in between. There was almost always something on NBC I liked. Now? Nope. Even tomorrow…the lineup of Whoopi, Happy Family and a double dose of Frasier does nothing for me. Instead, the Thuesday line up in my house will include One Tree Hill (again, The WB) which is actually quite good. I was able to see the pilot for it and it should evolve into a pretty solid show. Of course if you don’t “do” dramas, you’ll want to skip it. And no, I can’t attribute my change in viewing patterns to age, shut up.

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