Archive for January 2004

One of the constants in my life is that if I like a product you can pretty much put money on the manufacturer discontinuing it. It started after high school with a particular clothing garment that fit me perfectly. I bought the same item over and over until I went into Nordstrom one day and couldn’t find it. A few years later, I found one in a store in New York. Since then, I’ve had to move on.

In the years since that first major realization that the world does not, in fact, revolve around me; it’s happened with a multitude of items. Yogurt. Ice cream. Socks. Jeans. Hair products. Perfume. It actually happens quite a bit with food.

This tangent has been brought to you by a hair product I’ve used for the last 4 years: Dirt. Not the kind you sweep off the sidewalk, but a styling wax by Jonathan. Breaks my heart. Now I have to go find a new palmade that isn’t too gooey, too sticky, too perfumed. Wish me luck.

On a related PIMA note, I finally killed my iBook. Poor thing is barely a year old and it just quit. An estimated $300 later, it should be back and working in a week or so.

The good news? I bought all the toys it takes to play my iPod through my car stereo. It’s a little flakey at times due to the FM transmitter, but I think I’ll be happy with it. Thanks in no small part to Kyle for making it work.

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