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The weather is attempting to shift, but I think the clutch is out. My car remains full of leaves from the weekend with the top down and the warm air brushing and churning through its creases and folds. There is an unidentifiable layer on the sun visors, I would wonder where else it might be lurking but it would probably disgust me out if I allocated any real cerebral power to it.

The windows in my apartment are being replaced today, when I arrive home the promises that I’ll “feel a difference” will remain untested, as I stretch their width to allow the outside in. This morning the city is coated with low clouds, while just last night the moon hung so bright and low in the sky I thought I might touch it and adopt its glow.

Another season changing, the promise of renewal. The hope of a fresh and bountiful harvest is on the horizon, and my soul slows to soak it all in. Mankind seems to measure its pace and reflect, to have peace within grasp.

This, and halfway around the world in a place we hear about on the news but might rather sweep from our minds, there is unfathomable violence. Linked to this, on our own soil, there is a decision being presented to the American public that we appear to have already grown weary of. Still the concept of one man making a difference isn’t digested.

There are too many opportunities for each of us to impact humanity, yet find our schedules too busy. I came to a realization a few years ago when I, too; thought I was too busy.

I’m not Madeline Albright.

I have the time.

Lou Reed found the words years ago, and they found me. “They’ll shit in a river, dump battery acid in a stream, watch dead rats wash up on the beach and then complain when they can’t swim”.

Don’t just vote. Give your time to a cause. 2 hours a week. You can find that, can’t you? To make sandwiches for the homeless instead of watching an episode or two of Law & Order you’ve already taken in half a dozen times? To stuff envelopes for a non-profit after work one day instead of yapping on the phone about nothing or playing Duke Nuke ‘Em…again…or futzing around with your MP3 collection.

Complaints about the economy or the welfare system or any of a thousand other pressing cultural issues will find themselves ignored by my ears unless you’re personally invested in paving the way to change. You know what I believe, but I’ll say it again in the event you haven’t committed all my life philosophies to memory.

If you have or perceive a problem and you do nothing to remedy it, you forfeit your right to complain.

It’s a choice, one you’re blessed enough to have granted by citizenship and one you may neglect. There is a part of who you are that swells and falls with the breath you give it – the breath of hope and change.

Life is what you make it. Make a difference. Do something.

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.