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Tour de Georgia. Origional (ok, semi). Legit. Revenue generating. Trend setting.

I blogged about this rumor a while back and there’s finally an official site and documentation of financial backing for the next 5 years – thanks to SB for the call and the tip.

Welcome one, welcome all, to the Tour of Califonia. (Note they dropped “de” for “the”…how very non-comformist!)

March 25, 2005
State Will Stage Cycling Event – Plans will be announced for Tour of California, a 700-mile road race set for early next year.

By Helene Elliott, LA Times Staff Writer

The launch of the Tour of California, an eight-day, 700-mile road cycling race modeled after the famed Tour de France, will be announced today at the Home Depot Center in Carson between sessions of the Track Cycling World Championships.

Executives of AEG, the international cycling federation (UCI) and USA Cycling will outline the concept for the race, which will take place early next year on a route to be determined. Bob Colarossi, managing director of the race, said Thursday that the prize purse will be the highest for any such cycling race in the U.S. That would put it at about $150,000.

Keep an eye on the site for more details:

BTW, if you’re planning to hit the peach state to catch a leg of the tour (in less than 3 weeks!!!!) holla & we’ll hook up.

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