Archive for May 2005

Ever have a dream so powerful and intense you wake up and think it was real? The ones you know aren’t real but the feelings carry over into your waking hours, clinging on like the dog to the bumper of the Grizwold family truckster? Like the ones where your significant other cheats on you and you wake up angry, or your parents are alive again and making you a fat Saturday breakfast? You know full well that it never happened, but you can’t quite shake the feelings they churned up.

Sunday night found me collapsing early between perfect white sheets out in the country, and I had solid fanciful dreams while the rain spilled and echoed in through the open windows.

Rolling over with my eyes clenched the following morning, my thoughts lingered on one of the dreams I’d had with glaringly vivid detail and subsequent attached emotions. In my restful hours, I sold the whole of my belongings and moved to an ocean side city where I knew no one. It was, in a word, peace.

The ideas brought forward in our dreams shouldn’t be ignored. I’m not saying they should be entertained, but they’re worthy of careful and deliberate consideration.

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.