Has anyone seen that cat?

My head hurts a little. Pictures = good + easy. More photos with stories later. Maybe. Probably not. Those who were in attendance should tell you about it in the comments section, I think I’ve done enough already.

Dej and I started early with a good Irish dinner and some quality time. The calm before the storm. She has some very exciting news, but since I’m just a big old tease I’m not going to tell you. Soon darlings, very soon. Be patient.

You thought I was kidding about the tiara? Beyotch please. Early on in the evening, Kim had me pose for what felt like my senior class picture.

…and brought me a game

…and wore TSS (the stripper shoes)

Zoe was part of the bigger picture: our waitress and my advisor. Charming, witty & stunning, this girl had it all.

Paulie (aka P-Diddy) was angry because there was a reference to Inside the Perimeter on the schedule and it didn’t have anything to do with him.

Sjohnna brought me these little fellas…

…and a big ol’ hug.

The “band” shouldn’t have encouraged me to get on “stage”, but I think he really just wanted to touch my monkey. The monkey? Either way.

I’m pretty sure the stage incident went down after Dormel, Ceshia and Angie left…

…but not before Chris, Amiee, Bonnie, Amy and Laura Beth left.

Kimbo won’t be thrilled that I posted a picture of her, but it’s the only one I got of Yolanda. We looooooooooove crowds, don’t we Yolanda?

It was definitely before the third wave a.k.a. the smoking section of Jamie, Lenny & Steve showed up.

I’m not sure who that hand belongs to or what story they’re trying to tell, but Joanne doesn’t look as amused as John does and Ben…well I’m the queen of catching people mid-blink.

It was time to go when I started making the boys wear the headgear and Matt started showing his chest. Really I have no idea what he’s doing here or why.

As always (and thankfully) Bodyguard Steve-O was there to monitor my behavior and make sure I made it home in one piece.

Not pictured here? Sorry, I couldn’t fit everyone on and chances are I didn’t manage to get a shot of you on my camera. Doesn’t mean I don’t love ya!

Kissy boo, I’m goin’ back to bed.

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