Freak Show

Friday night I’m talking to Ebeth about the ex-pat Thanksgiving dinner we were going to, and she’s telling me about her friend Rachel and Rachel’s friend CiCi from Alaska who will be there and I say “I knew a CiCi in 3rd grade. Does she have red hair?” Ebeth says “she’s blonde, but I think it’s dyed” and I ask if her last name is Weiss and she says she doesn’t know.

They speak the next day and as soon as Ebeth says “Maigh” CiCi says my last name and (imagine this) remembers me as well. I shit you not – it’s the same CiCi I went to grade school with for exactly one year in Anchorage some 20 odd years ago…in London, on holiday and connected via mutual friends.

The world is an itty bitty place.

2 thoughts on “Freak Show

  1. Maigh! I’m sitting here with my hand over my mouth! I just happened to find your email on myspace tonight (which I just joined) and then happened to find your page here, and then happened to find this page with reference to CiCi who was one of my best friends in grade school!!! How are you??? How crazy! I love your blog! OK – I’m rambling on… I will send you an email soon! I’m guessing is still it. ~Amy

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