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This is the point in the story where our heroine begins to wax poetic, reminiscing about the last 525,948 minutes gone by, the adventures that were brought with it and the lessons learned. This is the point where she sits on her stoop in the 40 degree air, sipping her mocha and listening to the crisp leaves as they float lazily to the earth below her and cover the clay that lies where soil should be. This is the point where she struggles with the temptation to spill the contents of her heart onto a page as though it were an oversized purse and she can’t seem to find her lipstick at the bottom.

It’s at this point we’re reminded that our heroine is full of surprises, and they’re not always good. It’s now, with this breath, that we realize we have our own inventory to take. Our own notes of appreciation to send to those who have helped us grow as the numbers in the task tray of our OS incremented by one silently over the course of the calendar year.

It’s now we should be still and silent and most of all – thankful.

Me? I’m thankful for strong legs and a stronger will. I’m thankful for new friends and their intermittent visits and marathon calls or IM sessions. I’m thankful for older friends and the inspiration they provide me with their zest for life and the fearlessness with which they conquer the unknown. I’m thankful for my family and the bond we’ll always have, though thousands of miles may keep us apart (and prevent us from killing each other). I’m thankful for the sun rising every morning because it reminds me that there are some things that can be depended on. I’m thankful for my frou-frou coffee drinks and the empty calories they contain that guilt me into exercise. I’m thankful for you, readers, for coming back time and again to read my erratic ramblings.

I wish you all happiness and love in the coming days and years. I wish you health, and peace, and laughter so abundant it makes your body ache.

My best to you as the clock ticks on and marks a new beginning.

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.