Archive for January 2007

~ Stop by Knitch on the way home for a few fresh balls of super chunky cashmarino in Ice Blue and Colonial Blue
~ Arrive home, immediately and turn BlackBerry off, leave it in the kitchen
~ Change into jammies and spa socks
~ Climb in bed with yarn, needles, and craptop
~ Order lunch from Bab’s and dessert from Chocolate Pink Cafe via Zifty
~ Receive lunch with lovely note and special gift from Jen (owner of Zifty, wife of Tyler and complete sweetheart)

~ Eat naughty, greasy appetizer in bed

~ Eat naughty, yummy lunch in bed

~ Attempt to eat naughty, illegal desert in bed (some assembly required), stop two bites in and save for later (so. damn. rich.)

~ Nap

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.