My kitten fetches.

Beat that, ya dirty whores.

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  1. Kyle
    29 Aug 07
    8:45 am

    I’ll be impressed when you put an electronic collar on the little turd and he brings me back a beer. BTW…I prefer filthy whore, a little more of an air of respect.

  2. ETK
    29 Aug 07
    8:58 am

    Ha! Mythos could kick Grayson’s ass (both in the general sense and at fetching). :)

  3. Greg
    29 Aug 07
    9:03 am

    FYI, I read that as “My kitten feltches. Beat that, ya dirty whores.”

    And the worst part is I probably could beat that

  4. Maigh
    29 Aug 07
    9:27 am

    @ ETK, wait till he grows up. He’s already giving Amber a run for her money/food.

    @ Greg, So. Very. Wrong.

  5. Greg
    29 Aug 07
    9:34 am

    Sorry, but one of our boy cats used to hump the other boy cat… aggressively.

    It was quite a dirty sight, at least they just hold hands/paws now

  6. Nemo fetches….but you have to give him the right ball of paper. If it smells at all like bread or cookies, he will only fetch it once – then try to eat it. Game over. He’s a carb fool.

    He also has an alcohol addiction – rubbing alcohol, whiteboard cleaner, envelope glue, it’s all good.

    DH says that the carb and alcohol jones is how you can tell he’s an American cat :-)

  7. Mish
    29 Aug 07
    10:23 am

    Impressive. But you won’t find it so cute when he starts finding REAL mice and bugs to bring to you.

    And it’s nice to read about Nemo’s weird food fetishes. My Harley LOVES plastic. Like in plastic bags….wouldn’t be so bad if he wouldn’t return, in kind, in upchuck form.

  8. Also popular with the Nemonster: dishtowels.

    Judging from the big circular holes in them, the middles of dishtowels are especially succulent.

  9. Tarik
    07 Sep 07
    6:11 pm
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