I’m a liar.

Just like last year, failed to wear a shirt that says this today like I said I would.

Where’s my holiday spirit? Two years running and I still haven’t pulled it together.

8 thoughts on “I’m a liar.

  1. Excellent point. Last night on NPR they were talking about all the things the kids couldn’t bring to school anymore – tridents and swords and whatnot and they mentioned a bunch of middle school girls that dressed up last year as Captain Underpants and got sent home.

    They’ve got nothin’ on my pregnant nun outfit.

  2. Funny…I would have thought you more of a


    type person.

    happy hollerweenier!!!

  3. @ mish: if it wasn’t for the bulge in my beltline I might be… 😉

    @ ken: I can picture you at the door with a bucket of plastic turds and it’s making me snort laugh

  4. @ etk – thanks…just a little somethun’ I found and tweaked.

    @ jen – are you set at 800 x 600 or somethin’? I’m FF and fine. I’ll play with that later…

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