Each of us has some characteristic that makes us special and unique, and not in a 5th grade sex-ed “we’re all different” kinda way. I could easily say my qualities are my chicken lip or my lame eye, or even my potty mouth/sailor vocabulary. This morning I choose to approach it from another direction, because sometimes it’s fun to play with the numbers.

I am:

- Left handed : 7 – 10 percent of the population
– The proud producer of B+ blood : 9 percent of the population
ENTJ : Under 2 percent of the population rank as ENTJ

Day 104

Now it’s your turn to play along…what funky bit makes you distinctively you?

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  1. tt
    28 Jan 08
    1:39 pm

    Ummm, I have railroad tracks comming out of my butt.:) Does that count?

  2. Maigh
    28 Jan 08
    4:22 pm

    If you really did it might and PS thanks for the visual. NOT!

    I’m shocked. Of the few hundred folks that have come by so far today, no one feels special.


  3. Shaggy
    28 Jan 08
    5:35 pm

    I think I am growing a tail.

  4. Seth
    28 Jan 08
    5:53 pm

    I’m double-jointed in my fingers (checking on the actual importance/uniqueness of that ability). Blogging about small wonders/perspective based on your post.

  5. Monday Perspective…

    Like Maigh I’ve got both a case of The Mondays and a desire to prove myself/lift myself up.
    It makes for a bitter, stagnant day trying to find something to post about, but I think I’ve got it: I’m lucky.
    Sure, it’s not anythin…

  6. ETK
    29 Jan 08
    12:21 am

    I’ve got an advanced math degree AND people skills – that’s gotta count for somethin’!!

  7. tt
    29 Jan 08
    11:01 am

    Seriously..it’s a scar that looks like railroad tracks that comes up out of my buttcrack! It’s too funny actually…how’s THAT for a visual?

  8. Maigh
    29 Jan 08
    11:04 am

    And here I thought it was a euphemism and you were talking about “laying track” or “laying cable” or something.

    Yuk. Not only did I just go there, I just admitted I went there.

    The IQ of this place just dropped 40pts. Not sure I’m capable of tying my shoes with what’s left…maybe ETK will give me some of her brains?

  9. Mish
    29 Jan 08
    12:54 pm

    maigh says:

    “I’m shocked. Of the few hundred folks that have come by so far today, no one feels special.”

    wha??? you can see me??? 8-O

    I’m not special…I’m just me.

  10. A
    29 Jan 08
    1:21 pm

    I can go all day without eating and stay up all night without sleeping (no drugs involved). Can juggle, wiggle my ears, laugh at my self, sleep through an earthquake (literally did that)…and a whole bunch of other nifty stuff.

  11. brody
    29 Jan 08
    2:27 pm

    I an grow a really nice afro.

  12. EuroCrash
    30 Jan 08
    3:02 am

    My high degree of normality is highly unusual.