Conflicting Approaches to Adventure

I enjoy adventure, new places, unexpected interactions, and experimenting with the unknown. Given the opportunity, I’ll happily hop on a plane alone, head to a strange land and wander around by myself. The strange excites me.

In contrast, strange foods do not excite me.

It’s been nearly four years since I tried wings, sushi, blue cheese, BBQ, cole slaw and Thai. That was a lot of new stuff in a six month span, so I stagnated. I still refuse to eat mushrooms. Cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers continue to make me hurt.

Given the time that’s elapsed since by burst of bravery, and at the nudging of one particular gal-pal, I’m embarking on new food adventures.

She had me try Greek again, since my memory of trying it a few years previous during Lent wasn’t suburb. What!? Those grape leaf things look like turds. I was able to shove the memory earlier trauma to a place in my mind that allowed me to order and be optimistic. Perhaps the wine helped, but much to my surprise: I enjoyed it. Make-it-yourself-at-the-table-with-a-mortar-and-pestle hummus loaded with garlic, spanakopitakia, and lamb kabob with a glass of Bridlewood syrah…not all bad. Bonus points for the belly dancer, even if I was a little uncomfortable about her shimmies while B, R and I made polite conversation. Then again, it could have been jealousy from my not finishing the class I took three years ago. Super bonus points for the women who got up on tables, and the handfuls of napkins being thrown as voices joined in belting out “opa!”.

Yesterday I roped my unwitting colleagues into accompanying me to try Indian, where they laughed at my feeble attempts to not only pronounce things but to remember what I was supposed to order. The bright side? I took a picture.

Day 200

You’re welcome.

Next on the list:
– Thai, but something more adventurous than Pad Thai
– Vietnamese again (tried last year and it didn’t go horribly…except that OJ/milk thing. *shudder*)
– Ethiopian (for Kelly)

What else should I be trying?

10 thoughts on “Conflicting Approaches to Adventure

  1. OMG! Did you like it? What did you eat? I LOVE LOVE LOVE Indian food – could eat it for every meal (yep, even breakfast). If for any reason you didn’t like it, you know I’m going to force you to go with me at least once.

    I’ve been dying to hit an Ethiopian place near class – maybe we can do that next week? :) Think about it – I hadn’t suggested it because I thought there was no way you’d be into it. I haven’t had it in years – but the Ethiopian places in DC rock (well, some, of course).

    Thai – you should try Naan, expensive but totally worth it. Oh! For non-expensive, try Harry & Sons. I also favor a place that delivers to my ‘hood, Top Spice – mainly because they deliver though.

    Ok – what else? You should try: Lebanese/Persian, Turkish, Moroccan, and (one I haven’t but I want to) South African.

  2. I, too, LOVE, LOVE Greek & Indian. Glad you are trying new foods. Aren’t they delicious???? Persian is great, too! Love me some Thai & Vietnamese, too!

    I haven’t tried Ethiopian, but have been wanting to.

    How about Brazilian? Korean BBQ? Malaysian? Those are great, too.

  3. well that is the one thing I can say that I have done. I’ve actually had authentic Indian food. Not restaurant but food fixed in the home (garage..long story). I attended both an engagement feast and wedding of any indian friend years ago. It was very interesting. Most of what I ate..I do not know (for me I’d rather just eat and not know what it’s made of) but it was good. And I have to say…one thing I did eat…best tasting curry chicken EVER!!! And yes, I did wear a sari!! (that was scary!!)

  4. In a week, you’ll be close enough to Cajun Country to get some really good food. Get ready for some boudin and cracklins, girl! You will soon understand that the best kind of boudin is the kind in the crockpot next to the cash register of a convenience store in the middle of nowhere.

  5. If you came to Florida we’d make you try gator tail. I’ve also eaten frog legs and rattlesnake here. Yes, the state really is full of rednecks.

  6. pho!

    i get it with the meat, but it just for flavor. the broth and noodles are YUM!

    and for Thai–try a mild curry dish with coconut milk. OOOOOOOO and Thai coffee, but not after 6 pm–you won’t sleep . . .


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