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The last two years have been all about moving, moving and more moving – and not the kind I like.

Ours has been boxes and packing tape and negotiating what we could and couldn’t live without. I’ve been from my condo to the big house to the apartment and now the loft and nary an airplane trip has been had.

We’ve had some trips to the beach and I’ve taken a wee independent woman sabbatical in North Georgia, but that’s a far cry from the solo trips to London, Ireland, California and the like that made my heart swell and sing and dance.

Well my little beetches, that’s gonna change.

(This isn’t the part where I explain in painful detail that The Mc doesn’t fly, I’ll save that for another post when I feel I can write about it without excessive swearing and name calling)

The Mc got himself one of them there fancy passport thingies and we’re goin’ on a cruise! Now I’ll admit I’m going into this a teency bit skeptical: what with them being the floating version of Panama City and people flying overboard never to be seen again or getting some heinous stomach bug and having to share a phone booth sized bathroom while their insides explode…yeah yeah. Skeptical. That said, it’s also a means to crossing one more thing off my life to-do list: I’M GOING TO SWIM WITH TURTLES! zomghellzyesyoudirtywhores!

That’s next month. Also next month: a return visit to The Hostel in the Forest with Gwen and Kells. Holy crap can’t wait for that either. What’s not to love about showering in the middle of the forest and sleeping in a treehouse? Crap that’s the goods right there.

In late July if the stars align, I’ll hook up with some of my dad’s family in Omaha for a mini-reunion, to be followed (very appropriately) a few months later by a trip to Ireland with my friend John. Hells yes!

If airfares cooperate hopefully I’ll make a summer voyage back to AK as well, but I’m not totally optimistic about that.

Man, I feel alive just thinking about what this year has in store with travel…realizing of course how incredibly shallow this post sounded.


Let’s just change the focus, then. What makes you so happy you can’t stand it and fills you up?

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