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Channeling The Smiths this morning and every morning of late – trying to squeeze time out of this dried up fruit I call a life. I want it to flow – or at least dribble – but instead it’s been cut up and dehydrated and locked up in a plastic bag for consumption somewhere down the road. Presumably when I’m on the top of a mountain after a long hike, which may seem convenient and perfect but when we’re talking about needing/wanting/clawing for time to write, the top of a mountain is less than ideal. Where’s the wifi and the power outlet?

I want to dump out everything that happened this weekend onto the page before the details slip away, but the forecast is calling for piles of shit to do and little time for that one thing I need to do.

The summary is that the show went well and I was humbled and Godsmacked by the amount of support and love shown by friends.

Before I start whining and blithering about what’s coming up, I need your help. The Mc and I are leaving on (an internetless) vacation on May 9, and I need book recommendations again!

On the list: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (thanks to SI and CM). What else? Preferably nothing too terribly meaty (though I imagine I’ll get something else by Anne Lamott, LOVED Traveling Mercies).

I could use more reccos along the lines of Eat, Pray, Love or even The Sweet Potato Queens Book of Love. I need happy (not morbid ala laughter Augusten Burroughs) with a twinge of deep.

Whatcha got?

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.