Category: Bootcamp

Two weeks, two massage appointments and only one missed day out of sheer exhaustion = I’m standing up straight(er) again, my pants aren’t *quite* as tight, and according to my nemisis the scale I’ve even lost a few pounds. I’m getting the hang of packing my clothes for work at night, and leaving my camp clothes in a pile at the end of the bed where I can slide into them at 4:45 without thinking. I’m doing well with the modified eating plan, and have plenty of food in the fridge at work to keep me satiated and on plan during the day.

This morning was “Fun Friday” so it felt like a light work out – I managed 100 sit ups, 60 or so push ups and ran up and down a hill 8 times without swearing or crying. My knee is doing well, my running is quickly returning to what it once was, and I’m generally in love with the camaraderie that the camp organizers have instilled in the troops. I’ve got the office gym/shower thing down to a science with my flips and towels and what lives in the locker, what travels to and fro and just how quickly I can get through the “getting cleaned up” process.

What I have not managed to get used to is the woman at the office gym who insists on drying her hair (mostly upside-down) in her underwear and/or pantyhose.

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