Category: Boring

First of all, I’m sore as hell and I’m having a hot flash. Second, I found out last night that Monty is a complete freak for Icy Hot and need to strategize on this, because I’m sure there’s a black ops DFAKS somewhere out there and I can’t have him getting cross-eyed-high on me every time I’m sore. Third, I need to put that boy on a diet, The Mc said he was barely making it through their kitty door (to their litter box, not the outside world, what kind of monster do you think I am??) and it doesn’t help that a visitor to my home over the holidays mentioned how tiny his head was…see also: call vet item on to-do list. Crap. Fourth, I still contend there should be a “Littlest Looser”. Who’s to say that my 20lbs is going to be easy while I fixate at the box of See’s and two boxes of Frango’s that I got for Christmas from my awesome step-mother out west? Don’t Americans who are heading down the “fat path” need to see that we’re empathetic to their struggle, too? That it’s definitely not to late for them, and that bingo-bango we can knock that off and keep it off? What % of Americans are morbidly obese vs 15-40lbs heavier than they should be?

Just sayin’.

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