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Three years ago we started a journey. Two years ago, I typed these words (on a different, secret blog):

A 30 something couple making radical life changes before your very eyes. Going from suburban mice to city and country mice is going to take a lot of work, juggling and patience. With any luck, hilarity will ensue, but more likely; it will be bloodshed.

Since then, there have been tears. Squabbles. Almosts. We’ve fallen in and out of love with several properties. We bought the condo, and built it out. We looked at more property, this time in the mountains. North Carolina. Georgia. North Carolina. North Carolina. We made an offer on one in North Carolina and withdrew after a survey. We looked more. We shifted and refined our focus. Then we found “the one”. Well, first we found “the place” (community) then we found a house. Then we made an offer and withdrew it due to inspection results. THEN we found it.

We made our offer in January, and closed on our lot in April.

It’s taken some time and some negotiation and a lot of people offering their opinions (*ahem* ladies, do you remember what that was like when you were getting married or giving birth? Mmmkay then.) about getting an architect vs building. We had people saying things like “ohhh my builder? You could draw it on the back of a napkin and he could get it built!” I’m sure. I’m also sure it wouldn’t have any power outlets or running water, and I’d have to enter the front door about 3’ below earth. No thanks.

We’d come across some designs we loved over the years of buying more cabin books than we’ll ever need, ripping pages out of magazines, and viewing models. We agreed to call it a cabbage (cabin + cottage), and one significant thread ran through nearly every design our confused, delusional minds connected with: the architect. A very particular architect who lives outside Nashville. Nashville, a town where The Mc had a conference last month. You see where this is going kids? Ray, a note that follows doe.

We’ve engaged him. We’ve engaged a builder. We’re moving forward, inch by inch, with care and tenderness for each other and the land we’re about to disrupt. With thoughtful intent, and a well nurtured dream nearly achieved.

We’re giving birth. To a cabbage. Approximate due date fall/winter 2012.

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.