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The trip didn’t start out too well, what with the ambulances and all. I sat quietly in my seat with my book keeping the aisles clear and being otherwise obedient and had visions of them hauling some 18 year old off the plane who’d crapped his pants in a drunken stupor, but it was apparently just someone who needed a wee tank of oxygen to help them through the trip. I’m going to hell.

I need plenty of leg room when I travel, because I’m such a ginormous individual. Luckily, Delta was able to accommodate me, and I slept almost all the way to Texas. End day .5

Begin day 1
Let me just say that I’ve never been anywhere that goes as far overboard with flair as Texas. Witness this not-unique spectacle. Good googlymoogly.

Lunch at the Roadhouse was tasty as all gittup (with cute young waitresses who actually did their jobs WELL and with a smile!), but I’ll admit I was disappointed Patrick Swayze didn’t pop in for an old fashioned ass kicking or two.

Cats and kittens here ride on with festive flair.

Maybe losing the elections had something to do with their headquarters? I’m just sayin’. Plus, that’s enough for day 1.

Begin day 2.

We met The Jesus, Cockneck and TLG for dinner. En route, we walked So Co and took in the sights.

And one for my homey

And finally, a sampling of the iDiots…doing I’m not sure what.

End day 2

Begin day 3

The morning I left we had brunch at a place I can’t remember the name of (!!!!??!!!) where the sodas are in mason jars as big as your head and the flair is not offensive.

And then I came home. The End.

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