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Spring has arrived and we finally have the occasion to try out the new super wind turbine fan in the living room. So far I’ve noted these charming characteristics: it sounds a bit like a small plane prepping to roll down the runway, after about 45 minutes it makes intermittent *tzzzt* noises, and lastly – but most importantly – it’s churning up little tumbleweeds of Grayson fur that may have been undiscovered until we moved.

My boys are growing up. Their personalities are finally developed and ever present, for better or for worse.

When Grayson was a kitten we thought we’d go crazy. Windsprints over our heads at 2am, etc. When Monty arrived we realized we’d had it “good” with Baby Gray. Man oh man he was tireless. It probably didn’t help that we brought him home when we were packing up the transient apartment to move to the condo. No no, Monty never knew The Big House with it’s retahdid amount of square footage and it’s carpeted speedway where a cat could really get traction.

Some months later, Grayson has mellowed. He no longer needs to eat his entire breakfast or dinner in one sitting. He’s taken to sleeping on top of the fridge or the back of the couch most nights, coming to the bedroom only in the predawn and an hour before the alarm hours to make needle laden biscuits on my neck and drool on me.

Monty on the other hand, is a passive, laid back hippie cat. He sleeps between The Mc and I as a furry, living, mewing “cockblock”, and stays on the edge of the bed claiming innocence (but is clearly an accessory) to Grayson as he disrupts my slumbers.

With the whirring of the fan and it’s inevitable tumbleweeds of fur comes a new adventure for both boys: the flipping and playing of pillow tags (presumably not removed in accordance with the law) in the wind. They’re fascinated and frightened, and downright delightful reality TV in my very own loft.

I never thought I’d care for cats the way I do for my loyal, sometimessnugglysometimesaloof boys…but I do.

They are my babies, my furry little mewing wish they’d learn to shit in the toilet or at least wipe their feet babies.

High five!

High five!

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