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Working on the theory that everyone comes into your life for a reason and that you have to be open and ready for it, I introduce:

Cindy who I met via a work related cross functional team brainstorm project. Shooting the $hit following our final meeting Wednesday night, I told her about my upcoming Boot Camp adventure over my delicious and soon to be illegal adult beverage. She asked which one I was doing and when I told her (6am at Piedmont Park) she said something along the lines of “Oh yeah, I used to be an instructor for that one. I’m going back as a student in a couple of weeks.” If I didn’t kow better, I’d have guessed someone put her up to that and there was a wee camera in a beer tap a few feet away documenting me in all my gullible glory.

Alas, it’s reality, and we made a wager on who would be kicking who’s ass. I plan to win.

Me & Cindy

Annie who is a fellow Atlanta MetBlogger and I met last night at a social to get to know our co-authors. She’s tenacious and funny and has an eerily similar background including (but certainly not limited to) the desire to participate in a sprint triathlon. This is something that remains on my list of goals, even though I’d lost sight/interest/hope/inspiration for it well over a year ago. Leave it to the universe to deliver someone to help remind me where my path is.

I don’t know that I’ll be as ready as she (who is running 11 miles today, thankyouverymuch) by the time Lanier (in May) or Callaway (in June) roll around, but damn if I’m not going to try.

Me & Annie

Here goes nothin’, kids. You, me, friends in unexpected places and the universe givin’ me a good swift kick in my ever growing behind.

I write, you read. It's a clean and simple relationship.