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What is this? A day to myself? Blogging bluemia? Yes! The Mc is in south GA, friends are at work, me with hours upon hours of time to do whatever I please and maybe catch you up on the black hole of energy the condo has been? Glorious.

Nearly a year and a half ago I sold my condo and moved in with The Mc. Wow. It seems like it’s been a lot longer. Huh. Anyway, while the McMansion (heh heh) aka The Big House was lovely, it was far removed from the city – my city – and my friends. It was a lightning magnet in a land of SUV’s and fifteen minute trips to the closest grocery store. That’s charming when you’re in the country, but not when you’re in suburbia. Sure, I had fun emasculating and castrating him, but we both knew that our life together in a house too big for even a family of five was only temporary. Soon we’d be starting our life and building a home together. Little did he know it would be just around the corner from my old condo in a part of town he used to fondly refer to as “Shanksville”.

After nearly a year of looking at every ill kept POS in the area of town he really wanted, the universe pointed us here…and here is where we’ve built our life.

Some snaps of the our abode…before, during and after. Please to enjoy – as my seester would say – I finally am. After a year and a half plus or minus five months of construction/living in an apartment/nesting, I *finally* have a home for clothes, shoes, kitchen stuffs and kitties that feels like – and is – my own.




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