Category: Too Much Introspection

I’m not good about giving myself credit. I’m one of those girls who – despite my intentions and deliberate thoughts – can’t accept a compliment gracefully. The voice in my head is a mean old nagging bitch that discourages and demeans, who talks down to me and discounts my accomplishments. Even the previous post celebrating my shot of the week nearly generated hives and a trip to the ER.

It’s part of why “grace” is now permanently stamped on my wrist. I’d hoped it would help, but we all grow desensitized to the good when it’s too abundant. We take the sun and a breeze for granted, we overlook the value of breath and roofs over our heads. Loved ones. Loose change in our pockets.

Today, my goal is to celebrate some recent triumphs:
– finished two books I intended to on our recent weekend away
– saved (*gasp*) for said weekend, something I’ve never done before
– wrangled my siblings into a reunion in San Francisco next month (from Texas, Alaska and Washington state)
– submitted an essay to a publication I admire
– bought a domain for my photography (to be announced)

But wait! There’s more! I’ve agreed to cancel our cable for 6 months. I will sustain myself with online content and rabbit ears. They may need to revise the bible to document this miraculous event.

What have you done for YOU lately that you didn’t give yourself adequate recognition for?

Bonus questions: Is accomplishing the tasks reward enough, or is validation needed? Why are we taught to crave validation, and how do we break the cycle?

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